-Featured video of a single project
-Firm video portfolio showing best projects
-Event videos capturing a ceremony/opening/events etc.
-Documentary films/short films


-Timelapse videos (showing passage of time from a single point)
-Hyperlapse videos (time elapsing as the camera rotates around the building)
-Interview style videos (architect talking/narrating as we show architecture)


-Showcase on your firm’s website, client or developer websites
-Submit with online competition entries as portfolio
-Promote with your local/provincial/national architectural associations
-Promote on ArchDaily, Architizer and other online architecture publications
-Share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
-Show in your office reception area

Why video?

Architecture of all professions, needs to communicate visually. It is hard to capture the complexity of architectural projects in a single image. Hyperlapse photography is unique in the sense that it allows for slow and captivating movement around the buildings which expresses 3 dimensionality of the architecture. It also shows how the building is nested in the city and how people engage with it. And finally, it expresses the permanence of architecture with the passage of time in it’s natural setting in the most beautiful way possible.


Overwhelming evidence from statistics on internet usage and the power of video content marketing (see stats here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here etc.) suggests that most people are consuming content in short bursts, where video clearly gets preference over images and text. That is why we tend to make all of our videos shorter than 90 seconds. This trend is projected to skyrocket, where video will account for 74% of internet traffic as early as 2017. Most people would much rather watch a small video than scroll over hundreds of images and web pages. Video has the power to engage more of our senses, something that is especially important, when creating promotional materials for an architecture firm.


Vat’s education in architecture give him a unique eye for light, shadows and composition for architectural photography and videography. He has done architectural hyperlapse in over 200 locations around the world including Spain, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Canada, USA and South Korea. His latest work was recently awarded in the only North American Architecture and Design Film Festival in April 2015. Currently, he is also the only photographer to bring hyperlapse technique of photography to the profession of architecture and his goal is to create videos that shows the beauty of power of architecture in the most engaging way possible.