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Restaurant on a Frozen River

May 7, 2015

This restaurant sits on the frozen river and is temporary structure that is taken down after three weeks. After much effort of filming it in -40 degrees, the video is finally ready! Take a look.

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My Tedx Talk On Learning Languages

May 7, 2015

I recently was invited to speak at a Tedx event in Seattle, WA with my friend Scott Young. I had fun preparing for the talk and I hope you find it useful. I would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

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Learning Korean in 3 months

January 17, 2015

Watch the video about how I learned Korean in 3 months while living in Seoul, South Korea

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Should architects learn Chinese?

June 13, 2014

Should architects learn Chinese? Can there be a benefit to learning Chinese for architects who want to get projects in China?

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Learning Chinese in 3 months documentary

June 10, 2014

A video showing China’s culture, architecture and my attempt to learn Chinese in 3.5 months.

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Learning Portuguese in 9 Weeks – 6 Min Documentary

March 12, 2014

This is my second attempt at making a documentary. It shows how I was able to learn Portuguese in just under 9 weeks with cultural immersion.

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Architecture for passion not money

January 30, 2014

In this short video, Vancouver based RAIC gold medalist architect- Peter Cardew discusses passion vs. money in architecture.

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Learning Portuguese: Checklist after 1 month

January 14, 2014

Here are two checklists that provide an overview of my first month at attempting to learn Portuguese in Brazil.


Learning Spanish in 11 Weeks – 10 Minute Documentary

December 11, 2013

This is my first attempt at making a documentary. It shows how I was able to learn Spanish in just under 11 weeks by simply always speaking in Spanish (and never English).

Como un sueno vat_1

Como un sueño – Video of Calatrava’s Work

November 13, 2013

This video is an architectural study by me that investigates the work of renowned Spanish/Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava’s in Valencia, Spain through film, timelapse and hyperlapse photography.


Learning Spanish: Checklist after 1 month

October 5, 2013

I share two checklists that summarize my experience of learning Spanish in Spain over one month – without ever speaking a word in English.

Walter Francl

How Walter collaborated with Norman Foster

September 24, 2013

Walter Francl is a renowned Vancouver architect who designs many different types of commercial buildings, park structures and train stations. He has also previously collaborated with Norman Foster for a large commercial project in Vancouver, Canada. Collaborating with one of the top architects in the world is not an easy thing to do. So, how did he do it? Watch this video to find out.

Monkey art installation

Burning Man 2013: City, Culture, Art & Architecture

September 8, 2013

Read this post to learn about an event called burning man. Held annually in the deserts of Nevada, USA- this festival hosts one the world’s most fascinating experiments in architecture, city planning, culture and art.

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The Year Without English – Introduction (Video)

September 3, 2013

For the next one year, I will be traveling to four different countries (Spain, Brazil, Taiwan and South Korea) to learn Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean. I will spend 3 months in each country and try to learn their language with cultural immersion.


Philip Johnson – The architect with no particular style

July 8, 2013

Philip Johnson was an American architect capable of designing all types of buildings. And each one of them are radically different in aesthetics and function. How can one have so many faces? Read this post to find out.

Antonio Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi – The Non-Conformist

June 30, 2013

Antoni Gaudi is known for creating architecture that is truly unique and strange. Read this article where I discuss what his motivations are for doing such works and how he was able to accomplish it.

Loius Henry Sullivan

Loius Henry Sullivan – Why form follows function

June 29, 2013

Louis Sullivan has been considered the father of modernism and the father of skyscrapers. Read this post where I discuss what made his buildings better than others when it came to high rise construction.


Balthasar Neumann – Church design and beyond

June 19, 2013

Designing a church is about creating a spiritual experience. A world within a world. It is both challenging and rewarding. To see how one would go about designing such a space, read this article where I list the most important design consideration using Balthasar Neumann’s church architecture as an example.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini – Gateways to architecture

June 18, 2013

Architects are not just good designers, they are also good artists, thinkers, planners, managers, engineers, dreamers etc. This means you may enter the profession being an expert in something else other than designing buildings. Read this article where I use Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s career as example to discuss how a sculptor became one of the greatest architects who ever lived.


Leon Battista Alberti – Ten books on architecture

June 2, 2013

A summary of De Re Aedificatoria by Leon Battista Alberti inspired by Vitruvius’ Ten book on architecture.


Karl Friedrich Schinkel – What to show in architectural renderings

June 1, 2013

Can architectural renderings enhance the appearance of bad architecture? What makes a rendering good? Read this post where I compare Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s amazing renderings to contemporary renderings to pick out the similarities.


How to use sketches to communicate

May 13, 2013

Art of sketching is fading away with computer softwares. Watch this video to hear Cedric Burgers discuss why sketching is the most efficient communication tool for any architect.


Walter Gropius – Do you care about your door handle?

May 10, 2013

Are door handles, faucets and lampshades as much part of good architecture as designing the buildings themselves? Read this post to see how Walter Gropius led one of the most famous design schools (Bauhaus) where he combined ceramics, weaving, painting, typography, sculpture, industrial design, interior design and architecture.


Tadao Ando – A lesson in experience design

May 2, 2013

The ‘experience’ of being in a space is far more important than how it looks. Especially an experience designed to portray a certain mood and rhythm. Read this article to see how Tadao Ando designs to surprise you as you turn the corner in his buildings.